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Ice hockey - The first mention of an ice hockey team was in 1889, and today Trinity has both men's and women's teams.

Imani: Trinity College Black Student Union - Student group formed in 1967 to create a better environment for Black students on campus and to spread awareness of Black culture.

Indigenous Peoples at Trinity - A history of Indigenous peoples, organizations, and experiences at Trinity College.

Indigenous Studies Working Group - Faculty-created group that promotes research and teaching of subjects related to Native Americans.

Individualized Degree Program (IDP) - Program specifically designed for adults over the age of 24 to get their undergraduate degree at Trinity.

Intercultural Studies Program - Academic program focused on international studies.

International Hip Hop Festival - Annual festival that showcases both local and international hip-hop artists.

International Students - Trinity students represent over 60 countries from around the globe.

Intramural sports - Intramural sports leagues are recreational, co-ed teams that compete against one another.

Ivy - Student-run yearbook released annually.

Class Ivy - A tradition during Class Day at the Original Campus.

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