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Gallows Hill - An area of the Trinity College Campus where public executions took place during the 18th century.

Gallows Hill Bookstore - A campus bookstore operated by Barnes and Noble in Hallden Hall.

Gate Posts - Two brownstone pillars on Vernon Street across from the Cornelia Center.

Gates Quad - The quad between Mather Hall, Hallden Hall, Austin Arts, and the Library.

George A. Kellner Squash Courts - Trinity's premier squash courts, located in the Ferris Athletic Center.

Tom Gerety - 17th President of Trinity College, from 1989 to 1994.

Global Learning Sites - International sites for students to study abroad.

Golf - Trinity's golf team, which was organized in 1908.

Daniel Raynes Goodwin - 5th President of Trinity College, from 1853 to June 3, 1860.

Goodwin-Woodward Hall - Student dormitory located on the south side of the Long Walk between the Clement Chemistry Building and Cook Hall.

Graham Guard - Student military group formed during the Civil War.

Grand Tribunal - An undergraduate hazing ritual consisting of an upperclassmen mock court trial.

Greek Life - Greek letter organizations, dating back to Trinity's early days.

Gruss Music Center - One of Trinity's arts venues, a gift from Josh Gruss '96.

Guild of the Holy Trinity - A branch of the Brotherhood of the Holy Cross organized in 1870.

Gymnasium - Trinity's longstanding Alumni Hall (1887-1967).

Old Gymnasium - Trinity's first gymnasium (1871-1896).

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