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Bantam - The rooster mascot of Trinity College.

Bantam Network - Mentoring program of faculty and peers to welcome first-year students.

Baseball - First organized as a club sport in the 1860s and has remained popular since.

Basketball - Trinity's first basketball team was organized in 1894 and played against the Hartford YMCA.

Joanne E. Berger-Sweeney - 22nd President of Trinity College, inaugurated October 26, 2014.

Berkeley Divinity School - Seminary of the Episcopal Church located at Yale University.

Bliss Boathouse - Boathouse located in East Hartford built for Trinity's crew team in 1965.

Board of Fellows - A governing body elected by trustees and alumni to oversee College life, affairs, curriculum, and discipline.

Board of Trustees - A governing body established in 1823 which is responsible for the final approval of decisions pertaining to matters affecting the College.

Board of Visitors - A governing body that oversaw the College from the mid-nineteenth to the early twentieth century.

Boardman Hall - Classroom and laboratories building from 1900-1971, which also housed a Museum of Natural History.

Boardwalk - Early walkways on Summit Campus.

Boardwalk Hall - Student dormitory located on Allen Place.

Botanical Garden and Greenhouse - Features installed at Washington College in 1825 and 1828, respectively.

John Brocklesby - Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy at Trinity, also acting President on four occasions (in 1860-1861; early 1864; late 1865-October 1867; and July-November 1874).

Brotherhood of St. Andrew - Episcopal organization for men that had a Trinity chapter in the early twentieth century.

Thomas Church Brownell - 1st President of Trinity College, from May 6, 1824 to December 16, 1831.

Brownell Book - Book used as part of Commencement ceremony.

Brownell Club - Social club formed in 1949 as an alternative to Greek life.

Brownell Hall - The final building constructed on the old campus in 1845.

Brownell Statue - A larger-than-life bronze of Thomas Church Brownell and distinguishing feature of the Long Walk.

Bulletin - An annual publication containing information about the College for current and prospective students.

Bulletin Board Rush - A contest between classes that involved touching a bulletin board.

William Burges - English architect who, along with Francis Kimball, helped design the “new campus” that included the Long Walk and its buildings in the form of quadrangles in 1875.

Burial of the Conic Sections - A 19th century student ritual celebrating the end of a difficult class.

Burial of the Football - A ritual that took place as part of Compensation Day.

Burning of Anna Lytics - A 19th century student ritual celebrating the end of a difficult class.

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